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Lettre Sauvage
1310 Forest Drive
Santa Paula, California

Phone: 805-794-0167

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We have many events each year including letterpress workshops, book releases, fairs, trade shows and, of course, parties!

All questions and inquiries are welcome at
You can also reach us individually:

Fiona is at 805.794.0167 and

Genevieve is at 818.310.2901 and

Cameron is busy printing, but you can get a message to him through one of us.

Community Studio

Lettre Sauvage studio offers personalized lessons in the craft of letterpress printing for individuals and groups of up to four. Use of the press is available to experienced printers.

Printing Lesson

By appointment

Learn to operate the press. Basics of typesetting, inking, preparing paper and making the press ready to print will be covered.

Taught by Fiona Spring

$35 per hour per person

$50 per hour for a group of 2-4 working on the same project.

Studio Rental

By appointment

After one or two lessons, students may wish to work on a solo project. Lettre Sauvage staff will be available to help with services like ordering and cutting paper and advising on printing and design issues. There is also a small library in the studio of books about books, printing, design and poetry.

Equipment includes:
Vandercook SP15
Pilot table-top press
Chandler and Price 10x15
Challenge 23" paper cutter

$20 the first hour, $10 each additional hour

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